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    My very first legitimate game of Siege (not open beta but full release) was in Chalet. The RuneScape 2007 gold gamemode was hostage and the site was dining/kitchen. As soon as prep phase is over, I looked at the hostage and saw that my shotgun reticle turned green when I hovered over the hostage.

    NHL Stick Tap for Service, Presented by Navy Federal Credit UnionMeet Our Finalists! After hundreds of great nominations, we're proud to share our 4 finalists. Check out their video introductions below. We look forward to announcing our Stick Tap for Service champion on May 9. Visit this page to see the winner.

    Darrell, we talk about this scouting, he was fun to watch. "We call it a 'two scooter.' You scoot up your chair a little bit because we had that much fun just watching him. But he's a fast guy, he's a change of pace running back that can catch the ball really well out of the backfield, do a lot of things like that. He's explosive and he's not tall but he's really rocked up, muscular. And he'll break tackles, so a lot of good things he can do there.

    Mets vs. Red Sox, the 1986 World Series: The Mets were down to their final strike, announcers were in the Red Sox locker room about to watch Boston pop champagne for winning game 6. With two outs, no one on base, and two strikes on the batter, the Mets offense (with the help of a Bill Buckner errror) came from behind with three runs in the bottom of the 10th inning to stun Boston 6 5. To add insult to injury, until Boston won the Series in 2004, they had gone 86 years without winning.

    Also the trophies he won, while being somewhat of a step forward compared to earlier years, are really not that impressive. One is a glorified friendly for which his predecessor qualified the team by winning the FA cup. One is a cup tourney no one bats an eye to, often playing with completely different squads. The last one he wouldn't have cared for one bit if they didn't slap a free champions league ticket on winning it (like United showed in previous years), which he needed because he was miles behind 4th place in the pl.

    Honour is then used as a new high score stat and maybe has bonuses and rewards beyond that, I thinking maybe a title, kind of like wow, so the top 100 get gladiator, next 100 fighter next 100 bum wacker ect ect. This incentivises killing good high level and skilled pkers that give more honour so you can be top and get the title. Maybe even have the top honour player gets his own unique title every season such as warlord.

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