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    • pinguo524
    • Topic created 1 year ago

    The ability to play a quiz as part of group as well as individually adds to the fun. Categorizing a quiz as[url=][b] runescape gold[/b][/url] music, sports, geography, relationship, etc will appeal to quiz takers as well.Finally, adding in a few humorous questions and/or answers will help make a fun quiz. However, a quiz constructed with measurement in mind should not offer ludicrous answers as distracters. As some players know, RSorder is a professional and reliable OSRS Gold Store, it devotes its mind to RuneScape Gold service to all players. Our mission is providing Cheap and Safe RS 2007 Gold to our clients with high speed delivery. Players can buy RS 07 Gold very conveniently and simply. Before do any trade in the gaming market of Runescape, you should make one thing clear.Now The new version of Mobile is live, you can buy All RS products with mobile conveniently and quickly! Welcome to this short and easy tutorial on hacking and DDosing (is that even a word I don't know) anyways lets get startedStep 1: Getting the SoftwareTo DDos, first your going to have to get the software.First of all find the box that says 1. Select your target and fill it in.Step 2: Targeting the WebsiteNow open LOIC (obvious but I want to get some of them little credit thingys so i'm trying to make it however many words long) and you will be prompted with a screen a little bit like this First of all DDos means distributed denail of service attack, and yes i don't know what the HELL it means either. but anyway DDosing is where you spam a website or server with so much data that it forces them to close down for a short amount of time. Be warned though, if you have a bandwith cap then this will waste it within a minute, so only do this if you're using an ISP with unlimited bandwith. It's good for winding you friend up if he has a minecraft server or something though. Step 3: Configuring the AttackSkip the big button that says ima chargin mah lazer and go to section 3 that says attack options. keep timeout ,http subsite and the speed bar the same but in tcp/udp message enter a random message, in port type whatever port you want to attack, and in method select UDP. (if your attacking a website keep the port the same, and for minecraft servers it is usually 25565) also, uncheck wait for reply and keep threads at 10. If you have a good pc you can change it to 20 but no more than 20. in the end, your screen should look like this:I really don't like people throwing LOIC around as if it's some magical denial of service tool. The concept of mass UDP flooding a target is real however, modern day firewalls already have countermeasures to block this method out, especially if it's from a single attacker. It's not longer effective in today's standards. For those with lower bandwith connections, it will definitely not work on websites or any other average server out there and also, if you manage to generate enough traffic, you will eventually choke your own bandwidth meaning that any normal in/outgoing traffic will be denied and therefore, deny your own service. And when you deny your own service, trying to load websites will give the illusion of being down only because your in/outgoing traffic will be rejected.Those who are considering a UDP flood through a proxy such as TOR will most definitely not work well. If you're just blasting packets down the network, you will also clog up the proxy and potentially any other traffic within and denying other users.[b]Two-Day Limited Time Sale as RSorder 11th Anniversary Promo:Up to 9% off OSRS Gold/Runescape Gold&More for you span Till Mar.22?Ready to buy now [url=][/url][/b]! Code FRA3 to Save $3 off for orders $50+!

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