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Car Rental for airports outside the US giving no results

  1. Hi, our API works fine for US based Airports :{api key}&dest=LAX&startdate=10/26/2011&enddate=10/28/2011&pickuptime=10:00&dropofftime=13:30 but not for European airports e.g

    Any ideas why that may be so?

    best, Anthony Booth

    Message edited by Seth Strumph 4 years ago


  2. Seth Strumph5 years ago

    Hi Anthony-

    The current version of Car Shopping returns only "Hot Rate" car results. These are the results that appear in red when searching on, and for which the brand identity is withheld until after the Hotwire purchase is confirmed.

    If searches in a given destination aren't showing any Hot Rate inventory on, then you will receive empty results sets via API for the same destination and dates. I suspect this is what you saw in your London search today.

  3. alex5 years ago

    I encountered the same issue. How would I make it work outside US?

  4. Vladimir4 years ago

    Dear Seth,

    I am also interested in ability of the Car Shopping API to work with European airports. Are you planning to improve this API to let it show all results and not only "Hot rate".

    It could be done with introducing an additional optional parameters like "showall" to not break the backward compatibility.

    Best regards, Vladimir

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