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cross domain and JSONP

  1. I'm creating a widget and I cant use your APIs through JSONP, any work arround? thanks

    Message edited by Alex Lobera 5 years ago


  2. Seth Strumph6 years ago

    Hi Alex-

    We don't currently suport JSONP, although we hope to in the future. In terms of workarounds, the easiest path is probably to set up a proxy on your own server.

  3. Masaki6 years ago

    Is there still no support for JSONP?

  4. Seth Strumph6 years ago

    Correct. Still no support; still on our list. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  5. bartek4c5 years ago

    Do you support CORN request then, or proxy is the one and only way to access your service?

  6. bartek4c5 years ago


  7. bartek4c5 years ago


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