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    • morgan
    • Topic created 6 years ago

    We are doing a hotel request such as :,2.294&starrating=4~*

    The resultant search does not really respect the star-rating. Many of the results in this search ,for example, are 2 and 3 star hotels.

    Looking for any guidance on this problem. Known API defect? , Search params not correct?

    Thanks in advance


    Message edited by morgan 6 years ago

  1. Seth Strumph6 years ago

    Hi Morgan-

    I'm unable to reproduce the behavior you're seeing. I consistently see only 4 star hotels using your parameters (substituting a valid developer key, and using a much higher limit just to be sure).

    Can you confirm that you're URL-encoding the request string? Since you're using a lat-lon pair to specify a destination, I believe you'll always need to URLEncode, due to the presence of the lat-lon separating comma.

  2. morgan6 years ago

    Seth, Thank you for your reply. I have been caught up working on some other problems til today. I tried URL encoding but I still get embedded 3 and 3.5 star results. In order to take the test outside of our application, I run the above URL via curl at the command line to get the search request url. I then paste this url into a browser to get the actual list of results. How are you verifying the url? SInce you are indicating that you do not get the embedded lower star hotels, I would like to figure out what I am doing wrong.

  3. Seth Strumph6 years ago

    Hi Morgan-

    I think I see where we have a disconnect.

    You're correct in that the links returned by the Deals URL - the links that can be used to direct a user to the Hotwire web site - will land on results pages that contain hotels of all available star ratings. We find that users who reach us based on a given offer often find value in the alternatives that exist in the extended result set.

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