Welcome to the Hotwire Developer Portal

Hotwire's APIs provide access to specified data and services, and can be used as building blocks to develop a variety of applications of interest to travel shoppers and travel planners.

Intended Audience

You may choose to leverage Hotwire's Open API's in any type of application you wish,  within the conditions described in Hotwire's API Terms of Use.  Possibilities include applications that run on web sites, mobile devices, or even desktops.     Over time, we'll be releasing API's providing access to a variety of data and services.   We're very interested in hearing feedback and suggestions from developers as we move forward.

Our API documentation assumes familliarity with general principles of API development, but we'll try to provide enough clarity in documentation and examples to assist those with limited development experience.   We'll also participate in the developer forums we'll set up on this site, and we'll encourage developers to assist each other there when they're able to.  

Hotwire Affiliate Program

Hotwire's affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn commissions for referral traffic that results in transactions on   For more information and to apply to become an affiliate, visit  Once you are accepted into the affiliate program, make sure to follow instructions in the API documentation to ensure that your referral links reference your correct affiliate information in the proper format.


Every developer in the API program will be subject to a daily limit on API usage.  Limits may be expressed in terms of number of API calls, or in terms of number of API records returned.   These limits exist to ensure that we have sufficient capacity to serve as many developers as possible.   If you find you need a greater allocation , contact us at < > and tell us more about your application.